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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Most important link ever!!!!

Hi the following link is to a site of a friend of Nestor's. He needs you to follow the link to help him win a contest... so just do it (-Nike ;))

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Hi again....

Here are three pics from our latest skiing trip to Styria (Reiteralm)


Friday, January 26, 2007

University Ball

Last Friday (19th of January) there was our University's ball taking place in the "Brucknerhaus". Since I've already heard some complaints about me not publishing some pictures - I won't let you wait any longer ;)

Unfortunately I am still not that familiar with my camera - so the faces look very pale in most of the photos... Assuming that all girls are (at least a bit) vain *gg* I will only show the photos where this is not the case ;)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy new year

Yes I know I should have done this a little earlier... but now there is time to wish you all the best for this year!!!
Yesterday I have already talked to Nestor about habits to celebrate the new year. He told me about the "doce uvas" (12 grapes) in Spain where you have to eat one grape at each stroke of the clock at midnight.
In Austria some people heat up a soft metal (lead) until it melts and then poor it into cold water - they believe that the shape of the metal then tells them something about their future within the next year.
Well - that was not what we did - but we did have good fun ;)

... most responsible job: cooking "punsch" (red wine, rum, sugar, oranges, spices) ...

... brothers??? ...

... sisters??? ...

... And finally ...

Yes - there is snow in Austria

Since Audrey-Laure told me that there is still no good snow in France I consider it to be my responsibility to tell you all: Yes - there is enough snow in Austria for skiing. And to proove it there are some fotos of the 30th of December (2006) where I went to Flachau (nice skiing area in the middle auf Austria) with some friends.
And - as U can C - there was still some time for partying afterwards ;)

... top of the mountain ...

... already dark - guess we spent too long in the skihut ...

... in another skihut at the bottom of the slope ...

... ;) ...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Beer festival

Can all the guys who were in Oxford with me remember the Beer Festival in the Turf Tavern? Well - yesterday we organised something similar ;) We bought some different kinds of beer and invited some of our friends to taste them. And afterwards we went out, of course *gg* Here are the pics:

Friday, December 01, 2006

Farmer looking for wife

"Farmer looking for wife" is the title of an Austrian TV-Show. It is kinda datin' show where farmers can try to find a girl, the love and best luck for the rest of their life while anybody can watch them ;)

Well - but on the other side it is the name of our volleyball-team that will compete at our unis Xmas-tournament. In order to complete the joke I'm proposing the clothes in the following pictures as our official team-dress. (Btw. the fotos are taken from our show-dance group. We have been doing a funny dance in these outfits at carneval balls)